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Prayer is eternal

Prayer is essential...

Several times a week, our prayer groups meet to pray for the kingdom of God, its furtherance, and for the soon return of our Lord, Messiah Jesus.  We ask our Father to bring great salvation, renewal, and revival to Horizon City and to guide us within our church as we "put feet to our faith" and walk with Him daily. 

We intercede collectively for those in our community as well as for all individuals whose needs have been made known to us.  In addition, we regularly pray for God's missionaries and ministries, His persecuted saints, and godly wisdom for our local, national, and international leaders.  We pray for godly leadership and participation within our church body and increased spiritual maturity for Christians everywhere.

If you have a prayer need, we would like to partner with you as you pray.  You may fill out the form below or may stop by the church parking lot, where we have a prayer box for our community.  It is located beside our sign and paper forms are available.  In either case, you may remain anonymous and can be assured we will pray for you.

"It is  written: 'My house is the house of prayer'..." --Luke 19:46

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17018 Darrington Rd. Horizon City TX 79928 us

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