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Pastor Wes and Julie Phillips will be hosting a 10-day tour in Israel next year.  It will involve three days of travel and seven days of touring in Israel. 

Jerusalem, Israel

Participants will become familiar with the most important and awe-inspiring sites in the holy land, and each night after dinner, the group will meet for worship and praise, as well as to process the sites and allow you ask questions to connect the Scripture with your experience.  It will greatly assist you in cementing the daily sights and sounds into the Biblical narrative.  This trip should be a truly wonderful adventure that leads you closer to the Lord.​

Trip Itinerary

Wednesday, June 10 

Upon arrival, you will be transported from the Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv to Netanya, where you can get acclimated after your flight from the United States.  At this time, we are scheduled to stay at the Medi Terre Hotel, a newer hotel on the waterfront. The hotel is a short walk from a scenic Netanya beach and a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. You will spend the first day here, resting up for the busy week ahead!

Netanya, Israel

Thursday, June 11  

From Netanya, we will drive along the Israeli coast to visit Caesarea Maritima, where the Apostle Paul took ship to Rome.  There we will see Pontius Pilate’s pool and fantastic ruins of the Roman era (working amphitheatre, the hippodrome, and world-famous aqueduct).  Next, we will travel to Mount Carmel, where we will stand in the place where Elijah called fire down from heaven while opposing the Baal worshippers.  From the peak, you can look down into the Jezreel Valley.  We will drive on to Tel Megiddo (site of the mount of Megiddo or Har Megiddon, from which we get the word Armageddon) to see ancient ruins of a pagan center from the time of Jeroboam.  From there, we will visit Nazareth Village, a first century reconstruction of village life in the time of Jesus.  We will end our day at the Sea of Galilee, where we are scheduled to stay at the Caesar Premier Leisure Hotel, Tiberias. The Caesar  is located on the city's promenade, at a short walking distance from the Sea of Galilee, right at the heart of the city's shopping and entertainment centers.

The Galilee, Israel

Friday, June 12

From our hotel in the Galilee, we will visit the Mount of the Beatitudes, spend time in Capernaum (Jesus’ center of ministry), visit the ruins at Gadera (site of the steep slope where the swine dropped into the sea), have a lunch of St. Peter’s fish, take a wooden boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and visit Magdala (the home of Mary the Magdalene), where you can see the synagogue from which Jesus preached.

Saturday, June 13

This is the Shabbat in Israel.  From the Galilee, we will travel up to the Golan Heights, where we will see the training area of the Israeli Defense Forces.  We will drive up to a clear sight of Mount Hermon (probable site of the Transfiguration) and Nimrod’s Castle, a fortress left by the Crusaders.  From there, we will visit Caesarea Philippi, the pagan worship site, and see the headwaters of the Jordan River.  At Tel Dan, we will walk through the ruins of the pagan temple built during the time of Jeroboam II and see a city gate that remains from the time of Abraham.

Sunday, June 14

Leaving our Galilee hotel, we will travel to Beit Shean  to tour a Roman Scythian city (where Saul’s body was hung and which David conquered), Gideon’s Spring (where the 300 were selected), Sachne (site of beautiful natural springs and a pool where we may swim), Qasr Al Yahud (baptism site along the West Bank which is thought to be the place where John the Baptist was active), and make our way up to Jerusalem.  We are scheduled to stay at Jerusalem’s Prima Kings Hotel, which is located in the exclusive Rahavia area, 0.6 miles from the Old City and one mile from the Western Wall. 

Jerusalem, Israel - The Western Wall and Mount of Olives.

Monday, June 15 

On our first day in Jerusalem, we will visit the Mount of Olives, including Palm Sunday road and the Garden of Gethsemane.  From there we will travel into the Old City of Jerusalem (within the city walls) up to the Temple Mount's southern steps, where Jesus and Paul likely stood.  We will go on a tour of the City of David, seeing Jeremiah’s cistern, traveling underground along Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and ending up at the Pool of Siloam (where Jesus healed the blind man).  We will see the Western Wall tunnel and visit the Temple Mount, depending on the timing and advisability. 

Tuesday, June 16 

On this day we will be traveling down from Jerusalem, out into the desert.  You will see the wilderness of the Temptation (Judean wilderness), as we go to Masada (Herod’s fortress and last stronghold of Israel), the Dead Sea (where we will get to float!), Ein Gedi (David’s desert hideout from Saul), and Qumran (where the Dead Sea scrolls were found and where there was a community of Essenes that may have been the community of John the Baptist).

Wednesday, June 17

Back in Jerusalem, we will tour Mount Zion and the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, visit the Temple Institute (so you can see furniture awaiting the next temple), walk through a Herodian mansion, pray at the Western Wall, see the pool of Bethesda (where Jesus healed a crippled man), walk the Via de la Rosa (traditional Way of the Cross), visit Calvary (Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the traditional site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial), and the Garden Tomb (another possible site). 

Thursday, June 18

This is the day you will be flying home.

Tour Summary

Estimated price of *$3768 from El Paso, TX, per person, double occupancy, includes: Round-trip airfare to Tel Aviv on a scheduled carrier, 7 days touring the sites listed in Israel, first class and deluxe hotels with breakfast and dinner daily plus 4 lunches, and all transfers, entrance fees, taxes and tips to hotels, drivers and guides. (Land Only price of *$2180 per person, double occupancy includes: all accommodations except airfare and airport transfers).  

* Check the brochure at the link below to see all the details.

20/20 Vision of Israel Study Tour

June 9-18, 2020


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