First  Baptist  Church

Tel: (915) 852-3027

17018 Darrington Rd. Horizon City TX 79928 us

We offer free Biblical counseling to those living within the Horizon City community, and our counselors speak English and Spanish.  We can work with individuals, couples, or families, and we always invite God into our sessions because He is the ultimate Helper.  Please contact the church office at (915) 852-3027 to make an appointment.


fellowship, food, and fun


As the Bible tells us not to abandon the assembly of believers, we work hard to provide ample opportunities for bonds to grow among our members.  The church body meets every Sunday and Wednesday/ Thursday but there are also plenty of opportunities during the week for gender-specific activities such as prayer and Bible study.


in his honor, for his pleasure


Our praise team provides uplifting worship each Sunday with a mixture of contemporary songs and some traditional hymns. From time to time we add new members to our team.


FOR mutual up-building


Although the church body meets more formally on Sunday and mid-week, smaller groups meet in the homes of our congregants.  These groups are intended to help people get to know each other and foster a sense of intimacy and community beyond the large-group norm. 


Bear one another's burdens and thereby fulfill the law of Christ. --Galatians 6:2

Bible Study

Insight and identity


The more we know about God's manifold wisdom as expressed through His plan and purpose for the church, the more likely we are to walk according to His will.  As the word of God is the sword of the Spirit, our Bible study is intended to arm believers with truth for facing life's challenges with persistence and hope.  We aim to be a body of committed Christ-followers. 


help for today and

 hope for tomorrow


spiritual warfare


Intercession for the saints is a vital part of our mission.  Our prayer warriors meet several times a week and would love to pray for you.  You may submit prayer requests anonymously via our online form (see the CONTACT US page) or by filling out a physical form and dropping it off in our mailbox-style prayer box, which is located by the church sign in our parking lot.